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It’s an exciting project that we’ve been working on for our customers. Simply put, it’s Fun, Facts and Fundamentals.

Our company puts a core focus on Family. What does a workwear company have to do with family? What we sell in our store, along with the information our staff provides to our customers, is what allows men and women to come home safe and sound to their families every day.

A preventable accident affects not only the injured but everyone around us, from our co-workers, to our friends and ultimately our family members. Should an incident occur, we need to be able to, through proper and appropriate PPE, reduce and minimize as much harm as possible.

Our goal with The Daily Workwear is to provide engaging, enlightening and educational material to provide knowledge about the products that we carry. We hope that this inspires you to take your work wear and accident prevention gear seriously so that you get to enjoy as much time with your family as possible.

As we move forward we aim to be entertaining as well as informative to share with you new products, innovations, great deals and articles of common interest.

If you have any personal experiences with our products, safety videos, demonstrations or ideas you want to share with us you are welcome to submit it to [email protected] and if we use it of course we will send you something to express our gratitude.

On behalf of everyone here at Direct Workwear Ltd. we hope you have a safe day.

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