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Santa Safety Standards

If you’ve ever thought that Santa Claus has the easiest job ever, think again. Being Santa is actually more dangerous than you might think!

It’s true that Kris Kringle only works one night a year, however this single nocturnal shift is filled with numerous dangers and safety hazards.

Danger # 1 – The Chimney.

According to OSHA, a chimney would be classified as a Permit-Required Confined Space. Not only does a chimney contain dangerously toxic fumes, but there is also the risk of entrapment and even flames from a potentially burning fire.

Santa is also at risk of falling if he happens to slip on an icy rooftop.

Aside from an entry permit, Santa requires some PPE to help keep him safe.

A NIOSH approved Full-Face Mask Respirator will help to prevent Santa from breathing in hazardous fumes as well as any tiny airborne particles. Not only does an actively burning fire pose an enormous threat, but so do the embers that remain. These embers could potentially re-ignite a fire for up to 12 hours after the flames have died down.

Hopefully Santa’s suit is made with Inherently Flame-Resistant materials, we wouldn’t want him turning into Krispy Kringle.

Another big concern is the icy rooftops Santa lands his sleigh on. Aside from wearing appropriate non-slip, Safety Footwear, Santa should also be wearing a full-body safety harness approved for fall protection. He’d also need a compatible Self-Retracting Lanyard secured correctly to it mounting hardware.

The only things that should be falling from the skies on Christmas Eve are delicate, glistening snowflakes…not Santa.

So please be vigilant and safe, dear Santa Claus, little elves, and magical flying reindeer. Remember to stay safe when delivering presents this year!

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