Women's Workwear

Despite the fact that more and more women enter the trades every year, they are still overwhelmingly underrepresented in workwear and PPE. When it comes to safety gear, fit matters. It can be the difference between a normal day at work and the last time you ever can work. At Direct Workwear, we believe that women should have the same opportunities as men to feel protected, safe and comfortable in their workwear. That’s why we are one of the few retailers in Canada that support carrying women’s specific workwear. These garments were made for women. They’re created to fit a woman’s body in a way that can live up to safety standards, without sacrificing comfort. We support women in all industries and trade. If you’re a welder, a construction worker, a pipe fitter, an insulator, a carpenter, an electrician or are in any other job that requires proper safety equipment, shop with Direct Workwear. We want safety for everyone.


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