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Hi Viz Squirrels

Fun fact #1: Some squirrels can fly!

Okay, they don’t really fly. They actually have this flap of skin between their limbs that allows them to more or less glide long distances when jumping from tree to tree.

Fun Fact #2: Some of these flying squirrels can fluoresce!

It has been discovered that the fur on these little flying critters will glow a brilliant, bubble-gum pink colour under an ultraviolet light. Somewhat similar to how the fluorescent material in a Hi-Viz vest, for example, will absorb light in one colour and emit it in another.

These Hi-Viz flying squirrels are also nocturnal, making them most active at night.

So, if you’re thinking of sneaking in one last camping trip during this gorgeous weather, don’t forget to take your UV flashlight. And when you hear a rustling in the trees or the rantings of the local squirrel family giving you their two cents for disturbing their land, flick on your flashlight quick!

You just might be one of the lucky few to catch a glimpse of a glowing pink furball floating across the night sky!

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