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Are You Avoiding the Signs of Retirement?

You work hard everyday. You probably have for years.

But don’t forget…

So has your PPE.

The working life of your PPE will definitely be shorter than yours, and your PPE will undoubtedly be ready to retire before you are.

Don’t push it past it’s prime. Over worked safety equipment won’t do it’s job effectively, meaning that you’re no longer protected, and no longer up to site regulation.

The signs of “ready to retire” workwear are easy to spot, but are usually ignored.

Cracks, tears, fading, etc. This is usually the point where people finally break down and purchase new stuff. But did you know, even without significant damage, your hi viz should only be worn for about 6 months?!

Check out the Surewerx website to find out all the information about the life span of your PPE.

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