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About Direct Workwear:

Safety has become complicated and what products are a good fit for your needs? It is the nature of the beast. With one of the largest stores in Canada, whose main focus is safety wear, we work hard to keep up with the changing requirements and needs are in the industry, be it legislation, common practice or industry standards.

We not only hear but see how product reacts to actual real work conditions. If your PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) fails, we need to know why. Sometimes it is purchasing the wrong workwear for the conditions, the wrong size or the manufacturing was defective. Sometimes the fix is simple or if it ongoing we remove the line. Anything we provide should live up to reasonable expectations.
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  • What are your store hours?

    Our online store is open 24 hours. We have a brick and mortar store that has been selling workwear in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. It gives us great feedback for sizing, quality and durability. Click on HOURS for location and times.
  • What are your return policies?

    Please visit our shipping and returns page for more information.
  • Why are the majority of your prices so low compared to other retailers?

    The simple answer is we just focus on safety garments and products. The more complex answer is that we have introduced what we call industrial pricing. Because we sell to many bulk, industrial, users we are able pass savings on to individual purchasers. We also watch our costs.
  • Do you offer corporate discounts?

    Depending on the quantity your company may require, we are usually able to offer further discounts from our everyday, industrial, pricing. There is no processing fee added but there are generally shipping costs. We always look for the most cost effective way for you. Please contact us directly:
  • Do you sell Fire Resistant (FR) clothing?

    Yes. We sell a wide range of FR garments such as Nomex and Carbonx but we also pride ourselves on understanding the differences of cloth and do our best to be knowledgeable of what is compliant or not compliant in your market. Some industries require your garments to be HRC2 or greater and/or require four inch tape. It is best to check what is required by law in your jurisdiction and/or what are the industrial practices are in your area.
  • Is Fire Resistant and Fire Retardant the same?

    No. Fire Resistant refers to garments that are resistant to flash fires. The garment should quickly self-extinguish when the source of flame is removed. Fire Retardant is an application sprayed on to something such as beams in a building. I am not aware of any manufacture that sprays anything on to clothing that will wash away after one washing.
  • What are your shipping fees?

    We currently have free shipping on orders over $75. Items shipped to the US will have a $15 fee, or 15% (whichever is higher). Orders outside of the US and Canada, please contact us for shipping: 1-800-661-9647
  • Why are your prices lower in the U.S. compared to Canada?

    This is because of the monetary exchange rate. This fluctuates up and down and at the moment our products are even cheaper to purchase in Canada for U.S. customers.