Job Board & Job Security Tips

It is hard to think about safety when job security is top of mind. Many formally secure jobs are now on hold. One young lad was told to show up on site but he would have to find his own transportation. He was just starting out and went and bought a truck. The job disappeared but the payments didn’t. There are many stories like this but the most important thing on or off the job site is attitude. When working focus on the job. If suddenly unemployed focus on strategies to get re-employed. Negative thoughts or emotions will not solve any problems nor playing the blame. We have no control over the price of oil but we do have control how we handle our own circumstances. Maybe it means taking a lower paying job and a leaner life style for the moment but the price will rise and the jobs will be back.

But that is just my opinion.

Now for some blatant promotion:

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-Frank, Owner, CEO Direct Workwear Ltd.

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