Reusable Roof Bracket


ANSI Z359.1-92 (Anchorage Connector Components)


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The PeakWorks RB-9800 Reusable Roof Anchor is designed for use as a reusable anch0rage connector. It is adjustable to any roof pitch and is easily installed. Each part is thoroughly tested during the product development stage and is batch tested to confirm conformance. All PeakWorks Roof Anchors have a minimum tensile strength of 5000 lbs. PeakWorks Roof Anchors are designed for use with PeakWorks approved components or subsystems (full body harnesses, lifelines, rope grabs, connectors, self-retracting lifelines, etc.) or as recommended by a Qualified Person.

  • Material: Forged steel D-ring coupled with metal plates having a red corrosion      resistant paint
  • Minimum Breaking Strength: 5000 lbs (22.2 kN)
  • Number of workers: 1
  • Weight: 1 lb (0.45 kg)
  • Capacity: 310 lbs (140 kg)
  • Operating Temperature: -35°C to 35°C

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