Global Warming?

Every argument has a counter argument. Some positions are correct, some are incorrect, and some are just muddled by emotion. Is our species moving forwards to adapting and thriving or marching forward to extinction? Global warming will not ruin the earth, it only impacts what is living upon it.

My background is in the sciences, which is based on facts. Politics have to do with agendas which can be based on the manipulation of facts to suit one’s purpose or agenda. Whatever the reasons, good or bad, there are consequences.

One of the things that always gives me pause is the hysteria surrounding one’s position on global warming. Human society has supposedly been on the verge of disappearing since recorded history. The earth was flat and if one went too far one would fall off, eclipses forewarned of doom, human sacrifices would appease the gods so the rest of the population would thrive.

With regards to global warming, human society, in relative terms, is probably less than a split second to the age of the earth and maybe a little more since living organisms have populated our planet. Could you make a judgement of a person’s behaviour in less than a second? Our personal observations and data are just too small of a sample size to make a definitive judgement thus we must look to science and historical evidence for answers.

The video linked to this blog makes the case that we might have a CO2 deficit and that all the industry since the late 1800’s may have save ours and other species. It is an interesting piece.

Full Disclosure: In University my studies were skewed towards environmental sciences and psychology. I was involved in one of the first re-cycling program in Toronto. I make my living servicing the oil patch but I am still involved in recycling through my business.

– Frank, Owner, CEO Direct Workwear Ltd.

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