Alberta Winter 2016 – 2017 Predictions

It’s August here in Alberta. After suffering through a dry, warmish, winter there were times during July that rescue boats were seen on a major freeway in Edmonton. The ground is saturated with all the rain in recent weeks. With one of the strongest El Nino events behind us we welcome La Nina.

Predictions for 2016 – 2017

Alberta Weather Prections

It is a bit early to get a solid prediction, however the forecast appears to be a fairly cold winter for the Prairies and lots of snow for Southern Ontario. (Watch out Niagara Region there could be major snowfalls.)

Winter Workwear Alert

With two relatively warm winters behind us and a downturn in the price of oil, there could be a shortage of insulated workwear. Manufactures appear to have cut back on production, still having inventory left over from last year and too much uncertainty going forward with the weather and economy. If it gets really cold which could cause a spike in oil patch activity, there might be major shortages in January when the coldest weather is predicted.

Good News

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