Reusable Tapered Ear Plugs – 1 Pair Corded


  •  NRR 27 (ANSI S3.19)
  • CSA Class AL
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  • Newly developed 4-flange, tapered earplug ensures optimum ear canal coverage
  • Reusable – can be washed and reused dozens of times
  • Made with non-allergenic polymer materials
  • Plugs are individually packaged as 1 pair
  • Firm push/pull post makes insertion and removal quick and easy
  • One size fits all

What you should know about hearing protection:

  • Exposure to continuous high noise levels causes irreversible hearing loss
  • Developing an effective workplace hearing safety program is critical
  • OSHA sets the permissible eight hour work day noise exposure level at 90 dBA and only two hours of exposure to 100 dBA
  • Many companies place noise level limits even lower than the OSHA standard
  • Here are guidelines that some companies apply for increased safety:
    – 8 hours exposure = 85 dBA
    – 4 hours exposure = 88 dBA
    – 2 hours exposure = 91 dBA
    – 1 hour exposure = 94 dBA

About NRR ratings and their practical application in the field

  • The NRR ratings found on many hearing protection products in the market, including Sellstrom, have been tested and certified in controlled laboratories. However, working environments are seldom controlled environments
  • In the field hearing protection is not always fitted properly leading to noise creep and the potential for hearing damage
  • As a precaution NIOSH recommends the following deratings during field use:
    – Ear Muffs – NIOSH recommends derating NRR ratings by 25%
    – Ear Plugs – NIOSH recommends derating NRR ratings by 50-75%
  • In some applications, to achieve maximum protection the use of ear plugs and muffs together may be the safest solution. It is estimated that by combining the two, an extra 5 dBs can be added to the overall tested NRR rating

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