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Two Fire Retardant Hi Vis Hoodies with and without stripes

The Hoodless Hoodie

What can you do to brave the outdoor elements this winter? The answer to this question is easy for most of us: layer up. One popular choice is to wear a hoodie underneath a parka. However, many companies have implemented bans on employees wearing hoodies, or at least the hood portion. While your favorite hoodie […]

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The Cleats To Use This Winter

Winter is here again. More snow, ice, and below-freezing temperatures are here. These are the realities of living and working in one of the coldest countries in the world. With it comes the risk of dangerous slips and falls, which can lead to injury, lost time, and even death. According to WCB falls remain one […]

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Sellstrom Safety Glasses and Safety Products

Introducing Sellstrom – Safety Glasses and Safety Products

Introducing Sellstrom, a renowned manufacture of personal protective products, providing the highest quality at competitive prices. For 95 years, Sellstrom, a Chicago-based safety company, that has built its reputation through its superior products, was acquired in November 2015 by SureWerx. Direct Workwear Ltd has gained a great customer following because for over 31 years we […]

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Alberta Pipeline Debate

Pipeline Debate: A Bit of Political Irony.

While the debate rages in Canada over pipelines a little more than 60 years ago a pipeline running from Alberta to Montreal was quite a contentious issue. It ended up bringing down the then Liberal government of the day. To be fair the issue then was more to do with ownership than environmental concerns. Some […]

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Alberta Weather Prections

Alberta Winter 2016 – 2017 Predictions

It’s August here in Alberta. After suffering through a dry, warmish, winter there were times during July that rescue boats were seen on a major freeway in Edmonton. The ground is saturated with all the rain in recent weeks. With one of the strongest El Nino events behind us we welcome La Nina. Predictions for […]

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To Our Friends & Fellow Albertans Affected by the Alberta wildfires in FT McMurray & Elsewhere.

Being in business for over 30 years and living in Alberta for about 35 years we have all overcome many challenges. I lived through the tornado in 1987, the worst in Canadian history. I was driving home, at the time, north on highway 2 from Calgary, watching as the tornado was travelling north heading directly […]

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Global Warming?

Every argument has a counter argument. Some positions are correct, some are incorrect, and some are just muddled by emotion. Is our species moving forwards to adapting and thriving or marching forward to extinction? Global warming will not ruin the earth, it only impacts what is living upon it. My background is in the sciences, […]

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Insights into the Health and Safety Industry

The Industry Health and Safety began as a sincere effort to reduce injury and death in the workplace, however, to some extent, the original purpose has been lost in what might be called “The Industry of Health and Safety”. The Myth In one way or another many of us have come to believe that occupational […]

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Are You Visible On The Job Site?

X on back, vertical on front, stripes 360 around the arms and legs but do you know why? We do after market striping and we get many requests for to vertical stripes to be sewn on the back of a garment to accommodate logos.  We won’t do it. It is a safety hazard.  A person […]

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Fire Retardant Clothing Misconceptions

We seem to get a lot of questions about fire retardant clothing and many misconceptions or understanding revolving around what is fire retardant and good practice. I will deal with the fabrics first. Generally there are four types of fibre and or blends: 100% cotton, 88% cotton/12% nylon blends and inherently fire retardant fibres such […]

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Job Board & Job Security Tips

It is hard to think about safety when job security is top of mind. Many formally secure jobs are now on hold. One young lad was told to show up on site but he would have to find his own transportation. He was just starting out and went and bought a truck. The job disappeared […]

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Pump prices up. Oil down. Does anyone really know?

There was a recent news item insinuating the price of oil could drop to around eight dollars per barrel. As I write this the price of oil is hovering around $45.00. I will predict somewhere between eight dollars and a hundred and fifty dollars. I am sure the reflex reaction is anybody can predict that. […]

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