Xstream LD Ear Muff Headband


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Hearing protection with Bluetooth for music streaming. Xstream connects via Bluetooth to your phone for wireless music streaming and phone calls. 

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Your hearing is protected while you enjoy your favourite music with excellent sound quality, and the built-in speech microphone allows you to make phone calls. A boom-microphone is available as an accessory for those who need clearer speech quality in high noise. Active listening microphones in each earcup ensure excellent directional hearing, offer natural sounds and enables you to hear conversations, warning signals and other important information without compromising protection.


Level Dependent Active Listening

Waterproof to IPX4

Designed for music listening

Hands-free phone calls in noise

Push button controls

USB charging

Voice assistant support

Battery power-save function

• Operation temperature: -20 / +55
• Battery type: Li-Ion
• Run-time: 55 hours
• Bluetooth® version: 4.1, A2DP 1.2, HSP 1.1, HFP 1.6
• Criterion level EN 352-4 H=109 dB, M=106 dB, L=94 dB
• Weight Headband: 386 g/ 13.62oz
• Weight Helmet Mount: 416g/14.67oz

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