Shock Absorber Poy 100 Tie Off With Snap Hooks


  • Certified to CSA Z259.11


The PeakWorks Shock Absorbing Lanyards are a POY style (Partially Oriented Yarn), eliminating the need for a shock pack. In the event of a fall the PeakWorks lanyard will ensure the maximum arrest force is below 900 lbs. Each lanyard has a drop indicated to help with equipment inspection. Each part is thoroughly tested during the product development stage and is batch tested to confirm conformance. Only available as a type E4 for workers weighing from 100 lbs to 254 lbs.

  • Single leg
  • Snap hook (3/4″ Gate)
  • Material: Polyester webbing jacket with POY core
  • Maximum Arrest Force: 900 lbs (4 kN)
  • Operating Temperature: -35°C to 35°C
  • Size : 4′

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