E4 Shock Absorbing Lanyard – SP – Single Leg – 2 Snap Hooks & Tie Back – 4′ (1.2 M) – 6′ (1.8M)


  • CSA Z259.11-05


  • Lanyards are engineered products, and the critical connection component between the body harness and the anchor. They are sometimes referred to as connectors.
  • PeakWorks lanyards are designed and tested to comply to strict CSA and ANSI standards.
  • There is a wide variety of lanyards to suit a wide range of applications.
  • There are two common types of lanyards: Fall Restraint and Fall Arrest.
  • Lanyards for fall arrest applications are designed using two types of shock absorbing technology: POY (Partially Oriented Yarn) and SP (Shock Pack).
  • The shock absorbing action of these lanyards limits and reduces the force of a fall on the worker, significantly reducing injury to the body.
  • SP (Shock Pack) lanyards are comprised of “tear webbing” which is woven in a manner that allows the webbing to tear when it has a load applied to it. This tearing absorbs a significant amount of downward force under load, reducing injury. This tear webbing is folded and shrink-wrapped into a compact 1 x 2 x 6″ (2.5 x 5 x 15 cm) pack that is sewn into the lanyard next to the body connector.
  • Made with a superior grade, heavy-duty 1-3/4″ (45 mm) or 1″ (25 mm) polyester webbing for maximum strength or 1/4″ (6 mm) galvanized plastic coated cable, with tear webbing shock absorber
  • A tear-away absorber limits the arrest force to a maximum of 900 Ibs (4 kN) for the E4 category or 1,300 lbs (6 kN) for the E6 category
  • PeakWorks SP lanyards are available in two categories: E4 (worker weight of 100 to 254 lbs [45 to 115 kg]) and E6 (worker weight of 200 to 386 lbs [90 to 175 kg])
  • 2 snap hooks (1 body, 1 anchor)
  • 1 tie back
  • Lengths : 4′ & 6′
  • Maximum Arrest Force : 900lbs


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