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    About Us:

    For the many that know us we are going through some exciting changes. Besides our store location, we can offer you on-site service. For our out of town customers, besides our traditional mail order line (1-800-661-9647), we can now offer e-commerce purchases.

    Our slogan is: Our minimum order is one; our maximum order is what you need. We can sell you one coverall or 10,000. But we don’t just sell coveralls. Our product line is expanding and is request driven by customers like you.

    For those that don’t know us we are a family based business. (….and yes a husband and wife team that actually get along in business). Our store carries a variety of clearances, used workwear, used coveralls and some military surplus, (not available online).

    Within reason, we guarantee our products. Your zipper breaks, under normal use, we will either fix or replace the product. For our industrial users, other than dye lot differences, we maintain colour consistency. Fit is important. We encourage our customers to stay with one brand. The sizing of one supplier may not be consistent with another. For volume purchasers this can be a problem. We pre-test our sizing in-store, so we generally have a good idea of brand sizing. What we don’t do is substitute without your approval as a poorly fitting garment can potentially be a hazard.

    Regarding safety, we try to be as informed as possible. In some instances, we can have a manufacturer’s representative meet with you to answer any technical or product specific questions. We always try to make sure all garments are up to the standard you request.

    Should you have any questions, regarding products, pricing or availability don’t hesitate to contact us. We can be reached through a variety of means.