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    About Us:

    Our Focus Is Our Customers Needs

    Our Product Line Is Listening!

    Safety has become complicated and what products are a good fit for your needs? It is the nature of the beast. With one of the largest stores in Canada, whose main focus is safety wear, we work hard to keep up with the changing requirements and needs are in the industry, be it legislation, common practice or industry standards.

    We not only hear but see how product reacts to actual real work conditions. If your PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) fails, we need to know why. Sometimes it is purchasing the wrong workwear for the conditions, the wrong size or the manufacturing was defective. Sometimes the fix is simple or if it ongoing we remove the line. Anything we provide should live up to reasonable expectations.

    If it is a purchasing issue, we have a very liberal policy in finding the right solution. Up front, we try to ask many questions to avoid issues and get it right. Your or your crew’s safety is our first concern.

    The other important factor is cost. While our prices are very competitive we also want to make sure your purchases are cost effective. At the end of the year it doesn’t matter whether it is a household or corporate budget. The bottom line is the bottom line.

    Service is also a big factor. Many times, by the time you need it, it should have been yesterday. Speed is important, so we work with a few critical suppliers that if one runs out of a product we can get a similar product to you. But sometimes the market moves faster than the manufacturer or your requirements are a little different than off the shelf. We work with some manufactures that can build, on short notice, garments where possible. We also are constantly looking for new, innovative products, so our website is continuously being updated. Safety Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive but it must be Cost Effective and Right for Your Needs.

    Our Bottom Line: Working with and learning about industrial needs and standards since 1986.

    Work King Insulated Freezer Jacket
    Bought by someone from Surrey
    about 12 hours ago
    Bought by someone from Weyburn
    about 17 hours ago
    PU Stretch Hi-Viz FR Rain Jacket
    Bought by someone from Cheateremre
    about 17 hours ago
    Poly/Cotton Shop Coat
    Bought by someone from Prince George
    about 18 hours ago
    FR Flame Resistant Duck Pants
    Bought by someone from Mississauga
    about 1 day ago